B7: CC Fotobabble

For this section, we studied the film Dead Poets Society. We then had to create a fotobabble talking about pressures on our youth and if we think it can push us to the fate that Neil had. Here is the link to the fotobabble. (I couldn’t copy the embed code)   http://www.fotobabble.com/m/UmJKbFlSWE92YkE9

Letter To Pen Pal: Week Two

Hi Gresa and Julia! How are you? I definitely agree that people should become more aware of the person’s condition before they make judgments. As for your other questions, I loved your presentation! I got to meet new people just by a slide show! I do have siblings. I have two sisters. One is 14 […]

Letter to a Pal: Week One

Here is my letter to my new pen pals! Hey! How are you? This semester in English, we have discussed the topic of visual and non-visual minorities within the world, but what actually is a visual or a non-visual? Well a visual minority is someone who has unique quality that people can actually see. An […]

A1 CC: What would it be like?

As a white person in Canada, I feel as though I have many advantages such as education, little to no discrimination, no stereotypes, more career opportunities and are generally more wealthy. This unfortunately is just the society we live in. As an individual from a first nations background, they would have a more difficult time […]

B9 CC: Student Comment Review

For this compose and create activity, we were asked to review questions from an article we read, and then create a personal response with our opinion included. “In this article, “Americans Resist Hero Label After Foiling Train Attack” written by Adam Nossiter. When I think of a hero I think of someone who is brave […]

A5 CC: Compose and Create

In ELA, we recently watched The Village. It was about a village in the middle of the forest, but no one may leave the village or the “those we don’t speak of” will come into the village and terrorize the people. After viewing, we were then asked to respond to the film. The techniques in The Village […]

Year End Grade 9 Portfolio Interview

Our final assessment for grade 9 ELA, we are going to reflect on our year by answering questions that were given to us. In total, I will answer 8 of the 11 questions. Prove or disprove, using supports/examples, that you have grown as a learner through the ELA 9 class activities. Throughout grade 9 ELA, […]